I'm Michael Silberling.

I'm a South Florida native, currently focused on learning about early-stage ideas and startup companies, building products, and working and thinking more productively. I also recently started diving in to crypto analytics, and was recently a finalist in a Uniswap Grants competition.

I'll be writing here to share my thoughts and ideas whenever I feel super passionate about a topic.

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I currently work in Consumer Experience Strategy at Amazon. I'm a University of Florida alum ūüźä, and a fan of the Florida Gators, Miami Marlins, Miami Heat, and Miami Dolphins. When I first started writing on the internet, I focused on baseball stats and fantasy football rankings. Don't worry, I'm not trying to do that anymore, but sports may still make the occasional appearance.

I'm also interested in getting back to building things (I took a few CS classes in college). I've been exploring no-code tools, slowly re-teaching myself programming, and keeping a log of my (mostly bad) ideas that all sounded really good at the time.

I’m most active on Twitter @MSilb7, reach me there. Let me know what you think, or if you have any recommendations!

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