Personal Ideas and Thoughts

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Thoughts on Learning Without an Agenda

Turns out that being locked inside during a global pandemic leads to some introspective thinking. I put together a quick hit on my new approach to self-improvement learning.


The Internet is the New Event: Ideas for Live-Streaming After the Quarantine/No Sports Era

Anything involving interacting with other people in the physical world in real-time is canceled. But I've seen another trend, that I'd argue is just as powerful, involving how people and organizations are trying to reach their lar


The MLB's Sandlot Environment: Ideas to Take Back Sports

Ideas to Take Back Sports Including In-Season Promotion and Relegation, Mic'ing Up Every Player, and Introducing One-Pitch Strikeouts.


Remote Online Reality Show Experiences

Human Interaction in the Age of Social DistancingI'd like to think/ hope that I'm a creative person, but people on the internet are are really going above and beyond and making the most out of a quarantine/ social distancing lifes


My Next Chapter

I’m re-branding my writing under my personal account name, MSilb7, with a focus on the areas where my professional life has taken me, and where I hope to go: business, consumer, startups, and tech (maybe with a sports skew).