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Optimistically Looking For Problems

So now, I'm in a position for the first time in my life where I feel like I have the freedom to go build whatever I want. When the world is your canvas and you could go in any direction... What do you build?


Hello World (A Side-Project is live)

I'm way way way behind on my writing. I have notes for so many updates and thoughts that I need to get down. But, at the core of it, I just picked the best idea I had going so far and worked on it. pre-signups ar


Empowering Creativity

Hi friends, I have a quick follow-up on When Development Becomes Accessible. This is super short train of thought thinking (or rambling). There's something super interesting that happens when you discover that you have an


My Framework for Evaluating Side-Project Ideas

Part ~2b of documenting my journey to start an independent side-project. Over my cross-country flight at the beginning of lockdowns, I created an iPhone note — which evolved to a Google Doc — and then to a Notion table — to brain


Ideas are Easy, Conviction is Hard

If you listen to or read enough startup and venture content, you'll start to recognize similar themes repeated over and over again. One that has consistently stood out to me is the investor concept that "Ideas don't matter."


Side-Project: Part 1 - Intro

For the past few years, I've dreamed about leading my own project, organization, or even a company. I want the ownership, I want the creativity, I want to work on something really cool and share it with the world.