A Bit of Yearn Narrative With Data

A Bit of Yearn Narrative With Data

Twitter Thread

This past week there was a Twitter debate between protocols about how aggregator vaults like Yearn compete versus users for yield. Discussion turned to a question about if these aggregator vaults should be seen as "whales" or as collections of smaller users? I was curious as well, and built this dashboard to try to gain insight into how many users are actually participating in Yearn vaults and how large their holdings are. Another semi-viral Twitter thread followed:

Check out the Dune Analytics Dashboard Here and see embedded visuals at the end of the thread.

Dashboard Embeds

  • 'Active Addresses' = Addresses who have a >0 balance of each token
  • 'All-time Addresses' = Any address that ever transacted with each token

Vault Token Prices were approximated based on recent transactions, and may be inaccurate. Please validate TVL against yearn.finance before sharing and report any inconsistencies. Vaults where a token price could not be calculated (yet) are displayed as -$1.

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