Empowering Creativity

Empowering Creativity

Hi friends, I have a quick follow-up on When Development Becomes Accessible. This is super short train of thought thinking (or rambling).

There's something super interesting that happens when you discover that you have an ability create something, that you previously thought was completely out of reach. Thoughts, ideas, and plans that never would've had the time of day are now all that you can think about. For me, it was discovering visual programming tools a few weeks ago, for others it was tinkering with GPT-3 for AI use cases, and not so long ago it was the internet for connecting with the world.

It creates a feeling that's hard to pin down. It's like any constraints of what you can actually accomplish are now lifted, and all that you're now restrained by is your ability to think and produce. It establishes a more level playing field, if you previously lacked some skills or abilities. You can build the next great thing, and you can also not. A lack of constraint paradoxically also makes creating things incredibly more difficult. When you can think of anything and everything, how easy is it to focus on one thing? It's like asking a comedian to "say something funny" with zero context. You just can't do it. A few weeks ago, I never could've imagined building a scrappy application and sharing it with the world. Today I can, and I know that I could do it in a couple of weekends. But where do you start?

Discovering new abilities to create raises the bar of what we can accomplish, and opens our minds up to possibilities that we never could've dreamed of. We may look back at how naive we were only a few days, weeks, or months ago. But what doesn't change, is the mission, focus, humility, and everything else required to build something great. When everyone is empowered to create, these may likely be the difference.

We'll see if any of that made sense.

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