My Next Chapter

My Next Chapter

Hi friends,

I’m re-branding my writing under my personal account name, MSilb7, with a focus on the areas where my professional life has taken me, and where I hope to go: business, consumer, startups, and tech (maybe with a sports skew).

My attempts to put coherent words on paper have been few and far between, and have had a heavy lean towards baseball and sports, (by that I mean 100% lean) which was without a doubt my passion early in my life. Unfortunately, this obsession has been fading over time for me, and I’m finding myself becoming more excited for a startups podcasts’ episodes, and less excited for Marlins games. With my roots in sports, and the level of experience to both sort of know, and also not at all know what I’m talking about, I hope that I’ll have a unique perspective worth reading. If not, I’ll just go back to anonymously getting 1-2 likes on Twitter.

My Writing History

I started blogging I think in my sophomore year of high school (shout-out Blogger). I was writing super under-the-radar about my pitching performances throughout the baseball season with no real intentions beyond message board fame, (tbt early internet) and catching scouts’ attention. Turns out, my athletic ability had very much already peaked, so I entered college on a purely academic path (Go Gators). Early on I wanted to pursue a “Moneyball” career path, which was the concept of using analytics to build a championship baseball team. I reached out to every MLB team through whatever contact info I could find (most times it was the ticket office), and luckily heard back from a few. I was young and had no experience outside of my playing days, so the best advice I received was along the lines of “thousands of people say that they want to work in baseball, but you have to differentiate yourself and show what you can bring to the table that can actually help a team win.” This motivated me to start MSilbBaseball, a blog where I tried to develop economic efficiency metrics and wrote about what I would do as an MLB GM. The blog idea worked, and the next summer I had an internship in baseball, although on the systems side of things. I then admittedly got a little burnt out on baseball once the business side became my life, but started developing an interest in Fantasy Football projections. So, the next wave was a rebrand to MSilbAnalytics, which I updated on and off for about 5 years (time flew). My professional career veered as far away from sports as you can get; starting in defense, moving to consumer / e-commerce, and now on to broader business strategy across industries that I know nothing about (yet).

In Closing

Thousands of people want to work in startups, venture, tech, etc., but what can we bring to the table to help a team win?

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*Thoughts, views, etc are completely my own and do not represent any past, present, or future employer.

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