Optimistically Looking For Problems

Optimistically Looking For Problems

I've written about the empowering feelings that come with discovering that it's possible to develop almost anything that I want. I've also touched on how hard it can be to truly believe in an idea.

So now, I'm in a position for the first time in my life where I feel like I have the freedom to go build whatever I want. When the world is your canvas and you could go in any direction... What do you build?

In my career so far, I've prided myself on being able to identify opportunities and solve problems that we didn't know we had yet. Believing in that skill was actually the biggest motivator for me to start on a Side-Project. But, solving problems within a pre-defined organization structure with a clear mission and goals is WAY SIMPLER than starting from zero. I've never looked at the world in terms of "what problems can I solve" or "how can I make this experience better," because in all honesty, I never had any reason to believe that I could or would.

Now that I have this new "power" to go out and build, make, and create, I'm looking for those problems. Looking for problems feels pretty contradictory to how the world works and how most people I know think. It's not out of anger, or complaining, I'm *hopefully* figuring out what I could build that would actually matter. I'm - wait for it - optimistically looking for problems.

Problems are... good? I want problems, I'm seeking out problems. It's only been a few weeks since I've been thinking that way, and it feels like a weird twisted point of view. But, I'm hoping that when I know I've found something, it will hit me like a ton of bricks. Until then, I'm spending my time learning by "cloning" existing applications, and trying out some existing ideas - just to do it (future post).

Also, weird insight into my brain: On random walks around the city, I'm now like "hmm, buildings, chairs, ok, what about sidewalks?" ... This may take a while.

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