Remote Online Reality Show Experiences

Remote Online Reality Show Experiences

Human Interaction in the Age of Social Distancing

I'd like to think/ hope that I'm a creative person, but people on the internet are are really going above and beyond and making the most out of a quarantine/ social distancing lifestyle. First, Love is Quarantine gained publicity (NYT article) for taking the "Love is Blind" Netflix show idea to coordinate blind dates for strangers around the country using Google Docs and Instagram. Then, Barstool Sports posted "The Snapchat Bachelor" to their Instagram. It's easy to look at this and say "ha, what a world," but I think that there's actually something there.

It's like if you the novelty of an escape room, then add on the engagement of a reality show, then multiplied by the scalability and virality (is this a word?) of the internet. If done right, this could be a monster. Imagine logging on to play "The Circle" as yourself with random other players, or as catfishes with your close friend group? What if you really do create an online "The Bachelor" with the security guardrails and structured competition that you can't do in a Snapchat group message? The idea really isn't too far off from Fantasy Football leagues, it's the same idea self-contained competition that can be ported to other experiences.

Maybe this is a flash in the pan quarantine idea, but if done right, this could extend into party games, (like how Jackbox operates) massive online multiplayer games, and ~hopefully~ into a brand new form of entertainment.

Building a Remote Online Reality Show Platform... that's an idea.

The Circle on Netflix: Time & Release Date for Reality Series ...
The Circle (US) From Netflix (linked above)

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