Taking a Step Back

Taking a Step Back

A few weeks ago, I started working on an idea. Today, I'm taking a step back. Not just from projects, but also thinking about where I want to go in my overall career.

Past Few Weeks

I started on a side-project idea that I already had my own reservations about. I had been thinking about starting my own project, only for about a month, but I wanted to make forward motion. I wanted to stop thinking and talking about what I wanted my future to be, and actually do something tangible. So I did.

But it wasn't right for me. I should've listened to my own words from Ideas are Easy, Conviction is Hard:

"I never want to work on an idea that I don't wholeheartedly believe in, whether it's working for myself or for someone else."

It was an area that I was super interested in, but as much as I tried to convince myself, the idea didn't come from my own problem, or a problem that I wanted to dive in to learn enough about. So it was time to move on. If I only have a few attempts to build something, this wasn't going to be one of them.

Learning Experience

Right or wrong, at least I made a call early. Although a few nights of building a website may not actually be a "project," I did dive into things that I had never actually considered before. I spent so much time thinking about "what service am I providing," "who actually needs this," etc. But I never thought about writing marketing copy, setting up SEO, or actual design. There was merit to just doing something, even if this concept wasn't it.

Hiking at Mt Rainier
Hiking at Mt Rainier

What's Next

Are there any other paths to the ownership and creativity that I'm looking for?

I'm taking a pause to rediscover what I actually enjoy doing, what I want to work on, what (if anything) I'm passionate enough to push through all of the grunt work with a smile on my face, and enjoy the journey.

For now, I'm taking the time to get back to learning. Reading the hundreds of Pocket articles that I saved and never got to, trying to make a dent in my Kindle shopping list, finding helpful YouTube channels. It's back to square one for me, and I'm just trying to explore.

To start, working on my project website helped me rediscover how much I used to be into design. I built my high school baseball team's website, and used to "mod" PC sports games with new jerseys. Maybe I could dive in to Figma, Canva, Webflow, etc, and simply see if I enjoy it again? Even just to build my understanding of what else exists outside of the bubble of my day job.

Who knows. There's forward motion in trying to figure it out without immediately jumping into the next thing.

Recommendations of things to read or check out are welcome! Tweet them to me @MSilb7!

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